The Open Public University of Crete

The Open Public University of Crete (OPUC) is an institution targetted, but not limited, to adults, who desire a life-long access to knowledge seeking their constant self-improvement.

In Europe and elsewhere, this paradigm exists ever since the 19th century, having moved into more advanced forms of education such as experiential education, distance education, etc.. In our country this institution has been established only in the recent years, specifically since 2005, the year of the foundation of OPUC, with its success being the starting point of rapid expansion throughout Greece.

The objective of OPUC is not limited to class semesters, but also in parallel activities such as specialised seminars, open lectures on cutting-edge issues, educational trips, etc.. It is our belief that beyond the acquisition of knowledge and self-improvement, well informed citizens are active and useful both to themselves and to the society.